Lennon is a mostly sativa hybrid created by Spanish breeders Pyramid Seeds. Presumably named for legendary musician John Lennon, this strain combines the popular genetics of Haze and Jack Herer, and offers a dessert-like aroma and a buzzy, focused high. Lennon’s THC content has been measured at levels of between 16% and 21%. Buy marijuana online

Lennon is marked by larger than average flowers that have a tapered, pinecone-like shape. They have a seemingly hybridized internal structure, with a solid, densely-packed core but leaves that spiral loosely outward at their fringes. The leaves are a yellowish green and are shot through with several curly orange hairs. Those hairs are actually pistils and are meant to catch pollen from fertilizing male plants. A sticky blanket of translucent white trichomes makes these flowers very hard to break up by hand. Buy marijuana online

When properly cured, Lennon carries the predominant scent of citrus, passed down from Jack Herer. A closer whiff, can detect some peppery, herbal accents and when broken apart can yield a sweet, almost fermented odor. Burning these flowers in a pipe or a joint gives off a smooth and intensely aromatic smoke with some hints of pine. On the exhale, this smoke has a sweet and slightly tangy flavor. Buy marijuana online

Like most sativa-dominant strains, Lennon’s high starts to manifest almost immediately. In the beginning it can exert strong heady sensations like a pressure around the temples and forehead or stimulate salivary glands. Once those tics die down, users may become aware of a change in their thoughts, ideas may seem to take on a new intensity where certain concepts, or even objects, command more attention than they ordinarily would. For smokers who are sufficiently motivated, Lennon can result in bouts of productivity on everything from complicated tasks to creative projects and brainstorming sessions. Those who aren’t feeling quite as focused can simply enjoy the strain’s elevated mood as they go about otherwise mundane house chores.

After about an hour, users of Lennon may start to feel a subtle relaxation roll through their core and limbs. Fortunately, this relaxation isn’t typically strong enough to immobilize users or to undo the earlier mental acuity. In fact, Lennon’s unique combination of mental and physical stimulation can enhance many activities and can even be a solid aphrodisiac. In social situations, the strain’s persistent mental energy can be an outlet for free-flowing conversation and camaraderie, and should be shared with new acquaintances. Because of its mostly upbeat, tuned-in vibe, Lennon is recommended for daytime, or even wake-and-bake, consumption. Buy marijuana online

Lennon’s potent high can also have several applications for medical cannabis patients. For starters, its cerebral rush can help those with ADD to stay focused on one task at a time and its ability to improve mood can temporarily lift the clouds of mild to moderate stress or depression. On the physical end of the spectrum, Lennon can relieve all kinds of aches and pains, whether they’re temporary due to injury, or chronic due to conditions like lupus or arthritis. This bud’s tendency to bring about the munchies also makes it a viable appetite stimulant for those dealing with digestive problems or harsh treatments like chemotherapy. Because its strong head buzz can morph into paranoia depending on the setting, Lennon may not be the best choice for patients who prone to panic or who have a low THC tolerance. Buy marijuana online

Luckily for prospective home growers, seeds of Lennon are available online. They can be grown in controlled indoor conditions or outdoors in a humid, Mediterranean-like climate. These plants can reach heights of six feet and indoor gardeners may need to keep them in check with occasional burning. True to its sativa roots, this strain flowers in a long period of about 10 to 11 weeks. Patient growers are rewarded with an exceptionally high amount of buds, roughly around 56 grams or 2 ounces of flower per square foot of plant. Buy marijuana online

Lennon is right at home in a variety of settings and is a great choice for sativa lovers who crave some measure of physical relaxation. If you’re a fan of its parent strains, Lennon may be worth seeking out. Buy marijuana online

Lennon Marijuana strain

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