American Gothic cannabis strain by The Farm Genetics is this breeder’s Indica hybrid take on an American classic, with a highly potent THC level of 26%. Buds smell like sour skunkiness and fuel with notes of astringent earth drizzled in orange juice. They are a pastel green covered in glittering trichomes. It cna treat insomnia and anxiety. American Gothic cannabis strain is good for evening usage. Mail order weed online USA

Type of High

American Gothic WEED strain’s high knocks out the faint of heart in a matter of minutes. With an intensely sedating overtone, this strain has the ability to calm and ground users in moderation, sending them into a coma-like sleep in larger doses. Mail order weed online USA


Breeder: The Farm Genetics
Lineage: American Gothic  WEED strain is a cross between Chem’s Sis x Scott’s OG cannabis strains. Mail order marijuana online USA


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American Gothic  WEED strain

1 000,00$Prix

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